Sunday Worship: 10:00 am

Words of the Week 8-16-2015

This week we will be studying the word to learn some critical lessons about unlocking the blessings of God and removing spiritual blocks that may be hindering us from receiving all that God has for us. I’m not talking about naming and claiming whatever it is that we want from God. Oh that it were so easy! I’m talking about doing the hard work of attending to the business of our souls.

One of the biggest and most common barriers to receiving God’s blessings in our lives is unforgiveness. Many of us have held onto bitterness and resentment for so long that we don’t even realize it anymore. We may have muttered a half-hearted “Lord, I forgive so and so” years ago but continue to live with an attitude of anger and animosity towards them. Over time these heart attitudes become so well entrenched in our lives that they become walls that hinder the flow of God’s blessing and provision toward us.

Fortunately for us, scripture has much to say about this, and we benefit greatly by studying the Word and applying these lessons to our lives. We’ll be talking about this in great detail this coming Sunday and the Words of the Week offer a good starting point to prepare our hearts to receive the Word before then. When we grow tired of not seeing our prayers answered and wonder why we are not coming into our inheritance in the Lord, it’s a pretty good indicator that we need to spend some time studying the Word and asking Holy Spirit to break up the hard ground in our hearts.

Upcoming Events

  • Special Missions offering next Sunday, August 23rd.
    Next Sunday we’ll be taking up a special offering for our missions trip to Asia. Amanda L. will be joining John and Joanne Cava for two weeks in October and I will be joining them for the last week of the trip. Please pray for us and if you feel led to help support us on this trip, we’ll take up a special offering next Sunday in church.
  • Worship and Intercession, Sunday, September 6th at 7pm.
    The Worship and Intercession last night at World Outreach Center was a great time in the Lord. These times just keep getting better and better, so come out and be refreshed in the presence of the Lord.
  • Food Pantry Re-stock and CHILI COOK-OFF coming this fall!
    If you enjoyed last year’s chili cook-off, coffeehouse and hot pepper eating contest, then you won’t want to miss this one. Joel C. and I are a bit wary of demanding a rematch of the pepper eating contest with Karah F., so this year we will probably be forced to channel our enthusiasm into the chili contest and try to take the golden plunger from April M. But whatever happens, this is going to be a great time of fellowship, fun, food and music. We’ll re-stock the pantry of the fall and stuff some bags for our area homeless population. So be looking for a date sometime in the end of September or early October.


Please pray for April M. as she fully recovers from leukemia to the praise and glory of God. Also pray for Juanita A. as she has surgery tomorrow. Also pray for Christine W. as she is on bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy. There are some members of our body who need prayer for healing and recovery who would like to remain anonymous. Please pray for God to heal and restore them to perfect health.

As always, please be praying for our missionaries. Pray for John and Joanne Cava from World Outreach Center and for Phil Plowman of Missionary Ventures Australia.

Also pray for Chandy and Sarah Thomas from Gateways Beyond Cyprus. They are planning on visiting us again this fall and ministering to us again. If you feel moved to support them and their trip here, you can donate to them here… (remember to mention Chandy and Sarah Thomas with your donation.)

The Words of the Week are attached for you to read and pray through. As you read through them, feel free to reach out to us with questions, comments or prayer needs.

Words of the Week:

Monday: Matthew 18:18-20
Tuesday: Mark 11:22-26
Wednesday: Ephesians 1:2-10
Thursday: Matthews 6:7-15
Friday: John 20:19-23
Saturday: 1 Peter 4:8-12

Be Blessed!

Pastor Jeff Roy