Sunday Worship: 10:00 am

Hope of Glory

Hello friends! I want to share this dream that our brother Louis had on Saturday night. I believe that it confirmed what the Lord spoke to us on Sunday about being a community that takes His glory into the earth. You should know that both Richard and I had planned to speak on other topics entirely.

Richard had something else for the offering until the Lord gave the word on forming bonds with each other and being intentional about building relationships. I also had a message prepared but as Richard spoke, I couldn’t believe how closely it aligned with what the Lord had been speaking to me about all week. So what you heard yesterday from Richard and I was like manna fresh from the oven. And then after the service, Louis shared this dream with me and he is letting me share it with you. I hope it encourages you as much it did me!

“Last night I dreamed that I was with a group of kids, around 10 or so, at a Christian Camp/Sunday School. We were at an outdoor classroom with a whiteboard that Gina had set up. I was teaching the kids about Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. They were excited, and I was really encouraged. I drew a picture of a sun on the dry erase board. I then explained how Father God is holy, powerful, and life-giving. With sin, we can’t be in His presence without getting burned or seeing Him directly with our eyes, He is unapproachable because of sin. Then I drew a picture of a Man that represented Jesus and I was going to explain how we could approach this Man who could take away our sin and then we could be in the Father’s presence and how the Holy Spirit helps us.

“While this was happening, there were a group of teenagers who were Camp counselors at a long table having a discussion. The counselors kept asking me to listen to them, so I asked my kids to come to the whiteboard and write down qualities of Jesus that they knew while I spoke with the teenagers. The camp counselors read to me from Colossians. I responded by sharing that we are God’s ‘A’ plan; He has no ‘B’ plan. Not only has He placed His hope in us (Col 1:27), we are His hope. The Lord Himself has placed His hope in us and He has hope for us, even though we are creatures who stumble and fall and sin. He isn’t okay with our sin, but He forgives us, and He loves us.

“Then I woke up and went to church a couple of hours later to hear you preach from Colossians 1:27 about Christ in us, the hope of glory. Plus, you mentioned our task from Father to fill the earth and steward it might simply look like teaching Sunday school for some of us, as He fills the earth with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord. Anyway, I thought it was a pretty cool confirmation from the Lord on what you preached this morning.”

Saints, let’s remember that we are taking the presence of the Lord within us out into the world this week. So “…whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.” Colossians 3:17

In Christ,

Jeff Roy
Lead Pastor